Phum Chamkar Samroang 2,
Khum Chamkar Samroang,
Battambang District.Battambang Province,
Tel: +855-53 39 39 75


Build Bright University at Battambang Campus was established on August 1st 2006. It is located at the center of Battambang province and has surface area of 9350 squares meters. It has a five storey building with 35 rooms. It is provided with safe parking space and its environment is clean and green.

The establishment of Build Bright University in Battambang is the initiative of Dr. In Viracheat who wants to help in the development of this big province by providing quality education.

Students and their parents in this region have trusted on Build Bright University.The reason is that Build Bright University has quality leaders, competent lecturers, and skilled faculty staffs. Further more, it is committed to community - based development.

Geographical location

It is located at Cham Kar Samrong II, Battambang district, Battambang Province. Most people earn their living in agricultural sector, especially growing crops. Some of them are doing commercial business with Thai.

Small and Medium enterprises are gradually increasing which can provide job opportunities to the new graduates. Infrastructures are continuously being improved such as National roads connecting to Phnom Penh, to Pailen, to Banteay Meanchey, to Siem Reap and also to some Thai Provinces. This can increase number of tourists visiting this region and domestic income will improve. Battambang province is a strategic location for Build Bright University because the annual number of high school graduates is around four thousand. 75 percent of these graduates are from Battambang high schools and the rest are from the neighboring provinces like Banteay Meanchey, Pailen, and Pousat.


Build Bright University is being managed by one president and four vice presidents in charge of administration and finance, academic, student affairs, and research development and quality assurance. We have supportive staffs of 28 in which 11 are female and primary staffs (lecturers) of 41 in which 2 are female. 90 percent of our lecturers are holding master degree with experiences in specialized field.

For management staffs, we have specific roles and responsibilities to sustain the every day operation in this campus while we sometimes have decision making on important things with the support of management staffs at the main campus in Phnom Penh. To effectively and efficiently manage Build Bright University at Battambang Campus the management team makes sure that everyone understands the mission, vision, and objectives very clearly.

Education Focus

From year to year, the number of high school students has been increasing in this region. Hopefully, the number of students to be enrolled in university will increase too and Build Bright University at Battambang Campus will absorb them.

Most student focus on business major since it can provide them with job opportunities in labor market. Comparing to other regions, this region has development potential in education and economy.


From August 2005 to December 2006, Build Bright University at Battambang Campus has two promotions of 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. For Promotion I, we have 23 students in the associate level and 522 in the Bachelor degree. Battambang campus also offers a graduate program in Business ( Master of Business Administration) with 32 students in the first promotion.

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