The power of the day is to pick up the 4th of the world

On the 11th of March from 7 AM FOREVER TO 6 PM, that is also attending a blessing, books, a photo of the photo, making the song show and division from the mode of reading the writing and the author of the author. And in that, you can join the app, meet with it is not famous, who invite me to do the bait that is going to be a lot of money in life through a while, read all other apps.

The power of the day is to pick up the 4th of the world, to be able to be able to do it, in the target, and share the good experience from reading the method of reading, as well as the height of them, make a lot of money to understand, more and help inspiration, the more good study and the Success in life.

" read to the peace of life
" we read to success
" you read today, the future is the leader
" read a lot, the best panha
" no power, no piece

1-it's hard to book and research research
2-divided books by free
3-song shows from the important message of reading
4-hard work and choose a lot of staff.
5-service and other products...